More About Me


Representing the Greater Bay Area, Amanda uses her analytical skills and attention to detail to allow her to be very organized and efficient in providing excellent customer service to her clients.  She prides herself on her efficiency and integrity and strives to communicate effectively and to always hold herself accountable. She understands that in this changing climate, being quick on your feet and being adaptable is necessary to get the job done.

Amanda grew up in the East Bay, started her career in small business tech, moved on to corporate finance and accounting in biotech, and has concluded that she finds the most happiness helping clients with their Real Estate goals. She brings with her an expansive knowledge of systems and processes.  She has also inherited a strong work ethic from her immigrant parents, who built their own small business from the ground up.

When she isn’t helping her clients, Amanda often finds herself taking care of various problems around her parents’ home, from broken toilet handles to pest control.  Aside from being a pro bono handyman, Amanda is an avid badminton player and competes in local tournaments that support charities or local collegiate clubs.  She also enjoys painting, and paints glass ornaments for friends and family during the holidays.  But most of all, there is nothing she appreciates more than a great deal, whether that be a new dress at Nordstrom Rack, a cutting board from Home Goods, or a forever home for happy clients!

Financial Analyst - 2016-2018

Accountant - 2011-2016

University of California, Davis – B.S. Managerial Economics - 2011


Cantonese, Vietnamese, English